Member Exclusive – Gail Becker

Member Exclusive – Gail Becker

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Look who was recently interviewed for the Wilson Quarterly: Gail Becker, former Board Director for LCFR and now retired Executive Director for the Kentucky Science Center.

“When I was in college, the thought of working for the government was not something that was attractive for me, but it ended up [being] one of the best places to work at a time when we really were making an impact. And there were so many dimensions for me personally. I had majored in Russian in college, and so this meant being connected to Russia all these years. And it’s still a passionate interest of mine.”

Gail Becker was involved in the exhibits program of USIA for 25 years. She started in 1965 as a Russian-speaking guide for Architecture USA. In 1991, she ended her service as chief of exhibits development and production at USIA to become executive director of the Louisville Science Center in Kentucky.

(Wilson Quarterly, Fall 2016, “A Tribe of Exhibit People”: American Guides Recall Soviet Journey.”)

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